The RJ_InsertCode project is a TinyMCE 3.x plugin that will automatically style code samples for different languages. Its core architecture is based on the Insertcode plugin for older versions of TinyMCE, but it has been almost fully rewritten for TinyMCE 3. There is a simplified setup, more features, a JCE 1.5 installer, and a commented codebase to assist in learning how it works and tweaking it.

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Analytic Two-Bone IK in 2D

Due to their complexity, inverse kinematics (IK) problems are often solved with iterative solutions. While iterative solutions can handle different IK poblems with a single algorithm, they can also become computationally expensive. If a specific IK problem needs to be computed often, it is worth considering an analytic solution.

If we limit the problem to a two bone chain in a two-dimensions, we can derive the anaytic solution without much complexity. This will generally be more efficient than its iterative alternatives. While this specific case lends itself to a 2D world, it can also be used in 3D as long as the kinematic chain's motion is limited to a single plane.

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Kisses was my senior project at DigiPen (2003/2004). It is a 3D social simulation. The game takes place in a small village where the player and other residents attempt to survive in the harsh climate while maintaining as many friendships as possible.

Kisses was accepted as one of the ten open category finalists of the 2005 Independent Games Festival.

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Fight Zone

Fight Zone was my junior project at DigiPen (2002/2003). It is a 3D, arena based, first person shooter. The game takes place in the future, and players take control of gladiators fighting for sport in a death match setting. The hook is that at the beginning of each match, the player can distribute points into different abilities or their character's armor parts. This allows for an extremely large set of different character types that can enter the battle.

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