Mall Monster

December 08, 2008

Mall Monster LogoMall Monster was my sophomore project at DigiPen (2001/2002). You play as a young child trapped in a mall at night with a monster,  and must escape without being caught. I was the head of technical design, helped come up with the game concept, worked on 2D art, and worked on sound effects.


Mall Monster was featured in the January 2003 issue of Nintendo Power, was accepted as one of the ten Student Showcase Finalists at the 2003 Independent Games Festival, and was shown on TechTV's (now G4) The Screen Savers.




Taylor Clark Programmer
Ryan Juckett Programmer, Artist, Sound Effects
Michael Jones Sound Effects
Jakub Koter Music
Lyndon Moore III Sound Effects
Kevin Neece Programmer
Chuck Schilling Programmer
Allen Sun Programmer
Brent Thomas Artist