Fight Zone

February 11, 2009

Fight Zone LogoFight Zone was my junior project at DigiPen (2002/2003). It is a 3D, arena based, first person shooter. The game takes place in the future, and players take control of gladiators fighting for sport in a death match setting. The hook is that at the beginning of each match, the player can distribute points into different abilities or their character's armor parts. This allows for an extremely large set of different character types that can enter the battle.




Taylor Clark Programmer
Kai Curtis Programmer
Austin Haynes Music
Mike Jones Sound Effects
Ryan Juckett Programmer, UI Artist, Level Artist
Lewis Mohr Programmer
Kevin Neece Programmer
Rocky Newton Animator, Character Artist
Gilberto Rosado Programmer
Brent Thomas Level Artist, Character Artist
Alexander Van Berg Programmer